Human contacts



Promoting human relationships

Beyond bricks and mortar, private residences for seniors are rich in human relationships. Living in a residence will allow you to break the isolation and have human contact with dedicated employees who are working to serve you, true care specialists, but also with other residents who live in the same environment.


Employees and experts at your service

We often hear from our current residents: "living in a residence is like living in a hotel!" Living in a residence is having access to teams of employees that are deeply dedicated to meet your needs and expectations. Whatever service you need (health care, food service, housekeeping, activities, etc.), our employees offer you the support you need every day. Above all, they offer safety on a human scale at all times.

In addition, you can count 24 hours a day on health professionals such as nurses, who are present in the residences. Each residence has an appointed doctor who makes regular visits. 


A vibrant community

Choosing to live in a residence means also having the freedom to have rich and energizing interaction on a human scale. Living in a residence is to live to the rhythm of a stimulating environment that offers the best of both worlds: a social life while maintaining your privacy.

Since being in contact with other people is important, the sharing of common areas offers the possibility to break the isolation, to meet interesting people and to generate exciting exchanges. Want a bit of quiet time? Return to your apartment in your own privacy. Living in a residence is also having the freedom to participate in cultural and social activities safely with proper supervision. Treat yourself and let us guide you. Discover and share new experiences with your new friends and your family.


 A place for your family


Since your family is an important part of your life, you can receive them in the comfort and privacy of your own apartment. You can also have access to furnished rooms or private rooms that can be booked in order to receive a larger group. You do not want to cook when your family is visiting? Most residences offer a catering service. Of course, your family can come at any time to the dining room of the residence where meals are served by a staff aware of your needs. You want to mark a special occasion with your family and have the dining room for you alone? Why not ask the chef of the residence to concoct a gourmet menu! Choosing to live in a residence is choosing a welcoming environment where you can receive your family and loved ones.